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Reference new Asus A7V333 with AMD Athlon XP 2000+ in new Antec Lanboy Case with 350 watt power supply. The current operating temperature of the CPU appears to be way too high and fluctuates from 77 to as high as 86 degrees centigrade as indicated by both the Hardware Monitor in the BIOS and the Asus Probe (ver 2.20) software. Ironically, I have two software utilities (SiSoftware Sandra being one) that show the CPU operating temperature to be much lower or 53.5 to 57 degrees centigrade which are well within acceptable parameters for the Athlon XP 2000+ CPU. As the MB has a built-in C.O.P. function, it apparently operates or receives input from the Hardware Monitor since the Computer will power off whenever I attempt to restart Windows (by clicking on Start then Restart) once the system has been up and running long enough for the CPU to reach the 77 degree centigrade threshold. However, I really don't know whether or not this is due to the CPU actually overheating or erroneous Hardware Monitor temperature readings. Any suggestions or feedback as to how to go about resolving this apparent problem are appreciated. I should also add that CPU voltage and MB temp readouts are well within acceptable parameters and consistent no matter what system utility I use to obtain same.
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  1. To be sure, open the case door and try to feel the warm (or in your case possibly hot) air blowing from the CPU's heatsink. Then if you think it's ok, touch the base of the heatsink - if it's too hot to touch then theres definately an overheating problem.

    if it's fine then theres three possible scenarios:-

    1. Your BIOS might need reflashing/updating to correct the thermistor

    2. You sure your CPU's in full contact with the heatsink? - seated right and used with either thermal paste or the plastic shield removed from the pad?

    3. That leaves a strong possiblility that your board is faulty.

    Hope that helps

    One day I'll look back at my current rig the way I do my old ZX Spectrum.......Would have been interesting to say the least if Sir Clive had Bill G's business skills
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