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Custom Built Gaming Computer


I am selling a custom built gaming computer that is very recent (just built and used within a few months). You can look at some pics located at here:
There are pics of the front, back, and side of the case, an overhead view of the motherboard, all of the boxes and accessories for all the parts, as well as the monitor, speakers, keyboard, and mouse setup.

The computer itself is a…
AMD Athlon II X4 Quad Core 3.0GHz with,
Dual Channel 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3 1600 RAM,
A 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0GB/s Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive,
A LITE-ON 24X DVD Burner/Reader,
And an EVGA Nvidia GeForce GT 220 FTW 1GB 128-bit DDR3 Graphics Card.
It furthermore has an OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W Power Supply

It is capable of handling a lot of games at decent settings. Furthermore, it can be decently overclocked to further improve performance. I will provide some more in-detail specifications but don't hesitate to ask me questions or for more/full specs.

LCD Monitor & Peripherals
I also have an Acer H233H 23" LCD Monitor in excellent shape as well as Insignia Computer Speakers, a Microsoft Basic USB Mouse, and a Microsoft USB Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000. The monitor unfortunately had an issue with the power button but I was able to fix it but unfortunately with the use of some tape over it to keep it in place. However it is in perfect working condition - the power button was just misplaced . The monitor and speakers also come with the original box with manuals, etc. as well as a VGA and DVI cable for the monitor! The monitor really is quite beautiful especially when achieving a HD 1080p resolution.

Pricing, Offers, Etc.

Now the whole bundle I will sell at just $800. I spent a decent amount over $800 for everything and everything is relatively recent and new especially the computer. If you would like to buy certain items or just the computer I could do that too. I’ll sell just the computer for $550 + Shipping.

I could also offer upgrades and installation of the upgrades for extra cash depending on the part(s) and what you want upgraded.

The Hard Drive can be completely wiped of all data, but I could also personally install Operating Systems like the new Windows 7 for you if you cover the additional costs for it.
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  1. Can you ship outside of the US?
  2. Triple777 said:
    Can you ship outside of the US?

    Probably, but that however might add up to quite a hefty shipping cost...
  3. Dude, a GeForce GT 220 isn't a gaming card. I don't mean to be rude, but you're marketing it as a gaming machine and it can't play any game made in the last three years fullscreen on medium settings. Call it a media PC with some light gaming capabilities and I won't call you out. But "Gaming PC" is false advertising.
  4. Yeah, the reviews indicate that the GeForce GT220 is NOT a serious gaming card at all.

    And "games at decent settings" is very ambiguous.

    I'm sure someone can play online "Yahoo Games" with it.

    But anyone who buys this "Gaming" machine to play a recent game title at even medium settings may be very disappointed.
  5. This card would not satisfy a casual gamer. You give it too much credit bbb_forever. It's a media PC card that can play some games in windowed mode with low settings. It's bested by most $40 graphics cards (and one I recently bought for $11.50 AR).
  6. Thanks for the correction.

    I guess "light or casual gaming" cannot be applied either, so I've removed that comment now.
  7. I apologize then for implying that it is a very good gaming card. Clearly, it is not anywhere near as good as any serious gaming card but please don't completely bash it. I was at first angry at myself for not researching enough about it as I thought it was a good deal when I got it (which it was a good deal for the price actually). But yes, I was originally aiming for better but did not realize it. However, I based "gaming" on how it handled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 because I was actually able to get decent, playable fps on the highest settings 1080p on an 1080p monitor (including AA or whatever they had if I remember correctly). Now I'm not exagerating at all to advertise the computer I really did get those results - and YES I understand that might be unbelievable the way reviews and yourselves have described the card but I was surprised as well! So, in short thanks for your comments I completely agree with you guys that it's not a serious gaming card at all but it did surprisingly very well on a pretty recent game. "Yahoo games" is playable on motherboard graphics... Haha but yes, I must admit it will not be able to handle the most recent, new games at "decent settings".
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