Dell 2407WFP - May be selling


I'm considering selling my Dell 2407 WFP monitor. I'm the original owner and I purchased it directly from Dell.
No gaming use on it, just casual home use. It is in excellent condition.
Selling it because getting a Dell U2410.

Is this the best place to sell this? What are other places (safe places, best $) where I may be able to sell this? Thanks.


And of course, if you're interested in purchasing, let me know. I haven't thought of a price yet as I need to research more.
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  1. Me as well.
  2. Sure, no problem.

    I have to give credit to Dell, they put out a great monitor with this model. I hope the U2410 model is just as good.
  3. No, I am not "f*cking" around (?!).
    Where are you coming from with that type of response?! I really have better things to do in my life than to put up false posts.

    I haven't received my new monitor yet let alone finish setting up my new build. That comes first and I'm still waiting for parts to come in. Once my new build is up and running, I can come back and research and provide an asking price. Is that OK with you?

    I put this post up as a heads up to interested individuals. However, if you want to make me an offer "I can't refuse", please go right ahead.
  4. 20.00 shipped?

    I kid....Just let us know when your ready.
  5. Folks, it looks like I am going to have to postpone selling this monitor.

    I wanted the Dell U2410 monitor, but it seems like there's different "versions" of this monitor (A03, A04, A05, etc.) and I am not comfortable with the answers Dell is giving me as to what those differences are. I know the earlier versions of these monitors had problems with it's colors. So I will wait towards the end of the year when my comfort level should be better and get a new monitor.

    I'll keep this board informed should I go ahead and sell it.
  6. oh
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