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I'm currently running a P4 3.06ghz, w a gig of pc1066 rdram....the system runs great, except for (I know, big 'except for') the fact it crashes periodically for no apparent reason. This and the fact it only has agp 4x, is pushing me to consider getting a new mobo when prices drop a bit. I have alittle bit of extra money to play with, so my question is this- is there, as of yet, a motherboard that will handle my 3.06 cpu, AGP8x, and pc1066 RDRAM ? I've found plenty that can run DDR, but I'd hate to 'not use' the gig of ram I already have. If anyone has any input, would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Just from what I've read, Intel is not making any more boards with rdram support so you won't find any AGP X8 there though I think SIS has just released a board with it.

    Given that AGP X8 only offers performace on par with moving from ATA100 to ATA133 say, it's hard to justify the move for that alone - the larger the onboard memory on the VGA card, the less it needs the AGP bus for memory transfers anyway.

    If you've got to get another board then consider putting a cheap processor in your current one and selling it, providing the crashing is due to a software component, this will leave the DDR option open to you then.

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  2. Well I saw that there was the SiSR658, but either its not out yet, or I cant seem to locate it retail to be able to purchase it.
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