Are these memory settings Kool?

I have the Gigabyte SINXP with 2-OCZ DDR400 512 CL2, P4 2.53 overclocked to a 2.64, and an ATI Radeon 9700 pro.

The OCZ is running dual channel@ DDR336. The settings are 2-6-3-2 . Is this cool or is this sub-par performance?
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  1. You can play around with all of the memory settings. Unless your system becomes unstable try to get as aggressive as you can. When I set a system up I'll tinker with the memory settings and loop 3dMark and Sandra for a few hours and see if the system crashes. If it doesn't crash, I'll set the memory a bit more aggressively and loop 3dMark and Sandra again. When it crashes you have likely reached your limit.

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  2. Thanks fokes! Ill try that.
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