Will my computer be able to handle GTA4?

I want it to work at 1080p but, just as long as the settings are medium or higher.
Intel Pentium Dual-Core
Internal Specification : Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz
Bus speed=800mhz total

Video card:
Ati Radeon 4870 512mb GDDR5
Memory bandwidth 107gbs
using pci express 1.0 x16
750 mhz GPU Clock
900 mhz Memory Clock

800mhz total

Not sure where this goes
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  1. should do. might be worth OCing your CPU though as GTA loves processors!
  2. What PSU, make & model? It DOES make a difference.

  3. Ultra lsp series 550watt.
    ''Specifications: Total Output Power: 550W (Full Load, Nominal Input Voltage). Efficiency: 78% at Typical Load. Output: +5V@32A, +3.3V@22A, +12V@30A, -12V@0.6A, +5VSB@2A. Input: AC Input Voltage: 115V/230V. AC Input Frequency: 50-60Hz. AC Input Currents: 9A (RMS) for 115VAC input. 5.8A (RMS) for 230VAC input. Connections: 1 - 20+4 Pin Motherboard Connector. 1 - 4 Pin/8-Pin EPS Connectors (2 Connectors). 2 - 5 Pin SATA Power Cable (2 Devices). 2 - 6 Pin PCI-Express Connector. 1 - 4 Pin Power Cable (2 Devices + 1 Floppy). 1 - 4 Pin Power Cable (2 Devices)."

    Lifetime Warranty.
    135mm Fan - Allows for cooler and quieter operation.
    Short Circuit Protection, In-Rush Current Protection,Thermal Overload Cutoff Protection, Over-Temperature, Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Under Voltage.
    Sleeved Cables.
    Matte Black Finish."

    "Part Number: PSU-ULT-LSP550"
  4. overclock is a must. u can get those cpus to 3.4 on good air cooling.
  5. System Specs:
    Pentium Dual Core E5200 2.5GHz (Stock Speed)
    Corsair 2GB DDR2 667 EVGA Geforce 8600GT 512MB
    2X Western Digital 120GB SATA 3.0GB/s
    Foxconn 45CMX Motherboard
    Windows Vista Home Premium SP1

    Is this good enough to compare to my computer specs, well except for the weaker video card.
  6. How much did you pay for that PSU? Ultra vary a lot between different models, some are rubbish.Run 3DMark06, that will test your system.

  7. I payed $60 for the PSU, but I already bought the game and it plays pretty nicely, better than I thought. I have v sync on, medium texture detail, highest rendering quality and everything else on the second highest setting I think(Very High) on 1080p, and 60hz.
  8. mi1ez said:
    should do. might be worth OCing your CPU though as GTA loves processors!

    You are right about that, but i cant do anything about that because of my motherboard.
  9. bigal18 said:
    You are right about that, but i cant do anything about that because of my motherboard.

    Why? What's wrong with your motherboard that's stopping you from overclocking?
  10. It came with the Gateway Desktop, and there are no settings for overclocking when I search my bios. The motherboard is Gateway MS-7399
  11. will i be able to play gta 4 on my pc on high settings :
    intel core 2 quad 2.8 ghz
    4 gb ddr2 ram
    1 g nvidia 9800 gt

    i was planning to buy it ...................1
  12. Look at my specs to compare.
    Video Mode: 1080p(60 Hz)
    Texture Quality: Medium
    Render Quality: Highest
    Reflection Resolution: High
    Water Quality: very high
    Shadow Quality: very high
    View Distance: 24
    Detail Distance: 36
    Definition: On
    VSync: On
    Just enough to play (around 19-22 when using the benchmark test provided in the game)


    Average FPS: 22.15
    Duration: 37.75 sec
    CPU Usage: 94%
    System memory usage: 78%
    Video memory usage: 67%

    Graphics Settings
    Video Mode: 1280 x 1024 (85 Hz)
    Texture Quality: Medium
    Render Quality: High
    View Distance: 46
    Detail Distance: 33


    Microsoft® Windows Vista" Ultimate
    Service Pack 1
    Video Adapter: ATI Radeon HD 3850 AGP
    Video Driver version:
    Audio Adapter: Speakers (HTO CLARO)
    AMD Athlon(tm) 64 FX-60 Dual Core Processor
    File ID: benchmark.cli

    should be able to play
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