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Does Aopen make good motherboards? I have no experience whatsoever with this company, and never see their hardware reviewed, yet I notice that they and Asus are the only i875 motherboards currently available on newegg.com, and the Aopen is much cheaper. I am going to be buying a Canterwood board in the next two weeks. Any comments??

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  1. I've put together a few PIII systems with Aopen boards. They strike me as realtively well made, but featureless and hardly on the cutting edge of technology. If you want to build a nice, stable computer then Aopen will be fine. If you want a blistering fast machine that does everything, go another route.
  2. All my Aopen boards have been top quality, I've had a few dozen of them (I'm a system builder). Their webpage shows the clock generator supports "1600MHz" clocks, but I think the chipset will probably top out around "1000MHz" These of course are QDR numbers, 1000MHz is 250MHz in real clock cycles.

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