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Im looking to buy Xbox360. I would not like to spend more than $250. One controller would be good, And a HDD anywhere from 40-120GB. I have and HDTV, so im pretty sure that i would like an HDMI cable. I would like to get a 360 that is quite new, because I really dont want to deal with the RROD. any suggestions where to buy one?
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  1. all 360 use's love the RROD i ad it 2 time before i got a PS3.
    all 360 got a HDMI port now go to newegg $299 or a Refurbished from gamestop $169.99 + HD Xbox 360 20GB Hard Drive (Refurbished) - Used $59.99 or
    new 60GB $99
  2. Got the limited edition red Resident Evil 5 xbox 360 elite w/ the hdmi cable included. Also included a headset, Red controller, HDMI cable, ethernet cable and of course the standard 120gb hd plus the resident evil 5 game. I know this doesn't help but I love the deal I got on it. All that for just 399.95.
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