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Hey guys,
Have a pretty TECH savy question here. My general question is, Does anyone know the best Way to game on a Vizio 37" VW37L :ouch: . Thats my Current Monitor / Television. I play xbox, and it looks AMAZING. but, Im trying to use it for Pc gaming. Currently, im running windows Vista, 4gb of ddr2, XFX GeForce 9800 GTX + :whistle: , And looking for the best Way to display. Im running in VGA mode now, So the graphics look GREAT, but i know they could be better. Any suggestions? Or Hints or tips for gaming on a LCD HDTV ? ? Anything would help... Thanks alot...

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  1. what connections have you got on the tv?
    HDMI/DVI would be the best, followed by vga, then s-video
  2. Xbox 360 will no doubt look amazing, but you may find that games on your pc will not look so good. Xbox 360 & PS3 output video at a lower resolution than most current graphics cards.

    What resultion is your 37" tv ? bear in mind that a dedicated pc monitor will often have a higher resolution in many case higher than required for HD output
  3. Although I did not mind my PC on my TV I only had a 1080i\720p TV so the resolution was not enough for me. I could do 1280x720 (looked clean, bad for web browsing) or 1360x768 (better for web, interpolated) and both looked decent.

    I did find that my video card control panel had some nice tweaks (flicker, HDTV mode) that helped the quality some what. I would need to see a 1080p TV where size vs. distance was taken into account. We bought a 50" that is a little large for out tiny living room, I am pretty sure that is one reason I was not partial as well.

    If you had a 1080p TV and a high end video card that would game at that resolution it should look fantastic if spaced far enough back.
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