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just get a new Motherboard ASUS P4PE/L with new CPU and 512 PC2700 RAM and a New Power supply ( 350 w ). My AGP card is ATI 8500 w/64 ram. I put everything together and I have no picture. The light on the MotherBoard telling me it getting power and the other light for the agp tell me the agp card is a 1.5v card. I know the graphic card is ok as I put it back on my other motherboard and it working great and am using the new POWER Supply and that ok too. What my question is, what other thing on the motherboard can stop me from not seeing graphic if it is bad. Can the CPU if bad do the same thing or can the new ram do the same thing or does it sound like the motherboard agp slot is bad. I put the agp card in the new Board 4 time and also the ram a few things too and nothing so far. See I don't know if a CPU is BAD, are you able to see BIOS Setup pages yet or if my RAM is BAD can you till see the BIOS or it's a motherboard problem. Help
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  1. It's an Asus board so it had a voice post reporter. See you manual and use the jumper to turn it on and set the output to the PC Buzzer/Speaker. It'll tell you whats wrong. It could also be bad memory but before you try anything use the post reporter.

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