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Windows 7 Backup "Manage space"

Last response: in Windows 7
August 26, 2010 2:44:14 PM

Hello, I am trying to understand Windows 7 backup. I have googled to find out if the backup is incremental or not. I have read conflicting information. Some sites say that it is only full backups and some say that it is a Block Incremental backup. When I click the manage space option in backup I get a window that shows backup periods. It seems that I can delete previous backups but I want to be sure of what I am deleting. Here is a picture of my Backups. Any links or info is appreciated!

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August 26, 2010 3:00:30 PM

If you look at the file sizes, they look like a mix between full and incremental, but may also be backups of different hard drives. For example you have a 381 GB backup and also 2 that are in the 230 GB range, that looks like 2 full drive backups for different hard drives.

I think you need to go through the Win 7 backup documentation and see how you want to set up the backups, from the image you posted it's very hard to tell how you did things for sure, your backup sizes are all over the place, from under 3 gig, to 54gig, to 380gig to 230 gig.
August 26, 2010 5:56:04 PM

Thanks for hte reply. I let Windows decide about the backup. I have an 80 GB system drive and a 500GB storage drive. So it is possible that the 8/8 backup is the system drive but not the 8/12 as the drive only has 65 GB of data on it. I will go through the documentation soon.