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hello folks forgive me for asking this question but im noticing pci slots, at least two on the motherboard or certain motherboards that two of the slots are longer than the rest of them, is this a new type of pci slot coming out.

what exactly does this long pci slot do.

thanks for asking this dumb question............Camtech
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  1. Some server boards have PCI64 slots. Basicaly that's 64 bit PCI slots versus the standard 32 bit PCI slots. There aren't a heck of alot of 64 bit PCI cards out there and their mostly specialized for servers (read: costs thousands, typicaly for massive RAID arrays).

    That's if you're actually looking at the PCI slots. You may be seeing the AGP port (or AGP Pro) or the AMR slot (though AMR shouldn't be bigger than PCI, just offset).

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  2. What M/B are you looking at?

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  3. If it's an OlD mobo then you're probably looking at ISA slots which are almost twice the PCI length.

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  4. Heck sure, if it's really old it may be a VESA local bus slot. That thing took up over half the length of the mobo. There were even some mobo's with 2 VESA local bus slots.

    Of course, that would have to be a 486 board, or possibly first generation pentium, to use VESA local bus.

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