games very slow.

My PC configuration is Intel core2duo2.20Ghz,Zotac motherboard945,HDD300GB,
2GB RAM benq LCD 19'inch & XFX GEForce is best configuration Y/N
please inform immaidately if your ans is y then why the gears of wars,crysis,
crysis warhead,halo,NFS Undercover,nfs mostwanted game is working
verry slow in my system what is the issu.
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  1. You have quite an old underpowered graphics card. an update there will probably see you through but depends how much power you have and your specific motherboard moel.
  2. yeah.. i agree to that.. upgrade your video card.. and since your ram is 2g so theres no problem with that.. ^_^
  3. 8500GT wasn't a card for gaming, even when it came out. Bare minimum these days would be a 9800GT
  4. yea, that card can run any pre-2005 game okay, like painkiller, but any later and they will look like $hit.
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