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Hi everyone recently adquired a sapphire 4850hd 512mb and some weird colors appear in dark zones

Here is an example:

And other example:

It happens also on FEAR2 and other games.

My pc specs:

CPU : e8200
2GB RAM DDR2 800mhz
Mother board: Asus P5KPL

I probed the card in another PC and works fine.

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  1. What make/model PSU? They are not all the same. Did you connect all required PSU connections.

  2. Yes I connected all PSU connectors.

    I dont know what to do...
  3. Had anyone this problem?

    Sorry for by bad english.
  4. Have you installed the latest Drivers from ATI and made sure that drivers from the old graphics card have been completely removed
  5. Yes i have the latest drivers installed.
  6. In UT3 beta demo the colors seems to be good ....

    But in many games like crysis,fear 2 the textures have low quality and the colors appear.

    FPS rate is good.
  7. What make/model PSU? They are not all the same. Install Speedfan or similar to monitor GPU temp. Check GPU cooling fan is spinning. Speedfan can also chart th value of 12V rail. If your PSU is good quality, 12V rail stays constant and GPU temp stays under 100C, you have faulty video card, return it under warranty.

  8. I have a COLORSit PSU ( I know this isnt the best).

    SpeedFan give me this values.

    GPU Fan is spinning very well. I can change the speed with the ATI drivers.

    The GPU temperature(while playing is under 66º).
  9. Then it's either the PSU or the graphics card. Put Speedfan on Chart tab and display the 12V rail. If the 12V stays flat while stressing the card, get it replaced under warranty, it sounds like faulty memory on the card.

  10. I have stressed the card and the 12v rail comes down

    You can see it here:

    I have to buy a better PSU right?

    Thanks a lot Mike
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