a7n8x dlx 1.06 sticker under it 2.00

I have an asus a7n8x deluxe, between the 2e and 3e slot it is supposed to say the revision of the m/b, i checked it and I have a white sticker with 1.06 on it when I remove it I have the silver "normal" 2.00 that I can't remove (it is the same color and font as the asus a7n8x deluxe text).

I check on the NB and i say: Nforce2SPP G31883.1 0301a3 S taiwan
On the SB: Nforce2MCP-T FB2619.1 0306A3 S Taiwan

My question is which bios update should I take (the one for the 2.00 or the one for the 1.xx)?
Also if someone know why I have a sticker like that and not a real 1.06 on the board?

Thank you

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  1. My guess is that during manufacture there was a shortage of Rev 1.6 boards so they used some from the Rev 2.0 bin to meet demand. That was probably during the time they were still evaluating the revision 2 units so in all likelyhood you've got rev 1.6 parts on it and therefore I'd go with the 1.6 BIOS.

    Usually the difference between PCB revisions is a couple of of traces or pads added/modified and for any number of reasons:- Reduced noise, Improved reliability of components, Additional/Changed components and IC's, Even for cost cutting where fewer components are needed.

    The only difference the Rev 2.0 board supports that I'm aware of is that the FSB speed of 200mhz is now guaranteed and supported officially as well as the inclusion of a Northbridge voltage adjuster.

    btw, My Rev 1.4 board runs fine at 220mhz FSB and I'd say the revision 2.0 boards alterations are minor.

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