CS:S lag in own host server

Hiya all people, i'm not good in English, but try to understand, and help me: Ok, when i host my own Dedicated Server (playing with bots, you know!) my gun and the characters are lagging! But, when i play in network servers, CS:S runs smoothly!

I have all settings high! (i have a computer to run them high), i play mostly with wireless, and i've tried with wire, but i dont know am i doing it wrong way. AND i dont have Administration permissions to this computer.

Anyone can help me? :)
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  1. Is the server hosted on the same PC you're playing on?
  2. Kraynor said:
    Is the server hosted on the same PC you're playing on?

    Thats what i'm thinking: Your PC is good enough to play CS:S, but not powerful enough to host a server, even an empty one, at the same exact time.
  3. Bots on a dedicated server on your PC takes up an awful lot of CPU resources which becomes the bottleneck for CS:S. lower the number of bots, or set up another machine to act as a server.
  4. Well, my PC's information:

    AMD Phenom 8650 Triple-Core Processor (3 CPUs) ~2.3 GHz
    8190 RAM
    DirectX 10
    Nvidia GeForce GT 130 2800MB
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