Kingston Hyper-X

This good ram for nforce 2 boards and dual channel memory?
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  1. I read a review that made it sound pretty good. I bought two sticks of it to try on my Asus nforce board that will be in this week. I'll let you know how it does...

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  2. I'm running 2 x 2700 256 sticks Of Hyper X on a A7V8X & it rocks. Best RAM I've run. I'm looking at the ASUS Nforce boards to run it on, soon. I'm going to switch. I've put together a Nforce with Hyper X & it rocked also. Customer has had it like 2 or 3 months & no problems at all.

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  3. I'm using two sticks of PC2700 HyperX with my Asus A7N8X. I'm still getting this system configured so I'm running the RAM at stock speeds (so no OC yet).

    So far I absolutely love it, had no problems what so ever running dual channel either. You might not care, but it actually looks nice as well, with the blue HyperX casing.

    Benchmarked well in Sandra, and I know this is so placebo but my system "feels" faster (coming from my A7V333 with Samsung PC2700 CAS 2.5 running at CAS 2)

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  4. Wow that is to funny. I was running 1 stick of 512 Samsung 2700 @ cas 2.5 myself. LOL. I could run it at cas 2.0 timings but couldn't run the BIOS on Turbo Mode with that RAM no matter how I ran it. I had a chance to have 2 sticks of Hyper X fall in my lap a couple of weeks ago so I switched. Man the Hyper X runs cas 2.0 with 3t 3t 3t 6t timings by SPAD. I also can run the BIOS in Turbo Mode & it rocks. Now I'm looking for an ASUS Nforce Del. & then I'll be set. I personally haven't OC my rig yet as I really haven't seen a need to. I'm running the 2400 & I'll start out with that on the Nforce unless I can pick up a Barton @ 333 fsb. So like you I'm totally happy with my Hyper X. BTW the A7V8X will be the wife's new world beater.

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  5. 2-3-3-3-6 timings with (at those timings) probably a 2t command rate are not good at all, on the horrible sind of bad.

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  6. Whoppee. Horay for you & F--- me Huh!

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