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I just recently completed my new sandy-bridge build (best decision I ever made) and now I need to find a way to unload my old Alienware Area 51 desktop that is now taking up a bunch of space in my room.

I was curious as to what kind of price I should be looking to get for this system. I'll probably try to sell it to friends of mine around campus at school or throw it on ebay, so I'm not looking to gouge anyone, just want a fair deal.

****NOTE: Updated with Correct Specs****

Case: Alienware Area 51 - Predator 2.0 Tower

Mobo: xfx 790i ultra sli - like new (was warranty replaced a month ago)

CPU: q9450 with a closed circuit liquid cooling system (no idea who made it, brands have been removed, likely a custom for the oem, does a decent job relatively quiet)

PSU: Newton? 1000W PSU, non-modular, no idea on the brand, but it hasn't given me any trouble in 2 and a half years

RAM: 2x1gb Patriot Viper DDR3: 1333mhz cas7
2x1gb Elpida DDR3: 1333mhz cas9

Graphics: 2x gtx260s 896mb, nvidia brand

HD: 2x320gb seagate barracuda 7200rpms in raid0

The system overall is around 2.5 years old, however the motherboard and memory are brand new as I just sent the computer in to get them replaced a month ago.

Going by ebay mainly, since few of these parts are still for sale by major retailers, I used the lower end of whatever used sales I could find and I came up with a rough price of around 500-600$ + shipping. Let me know if ya'll think I'm dreaming or not...
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