hi i bought a laptop today but did not see a recovery disc in the box what do i have to do?
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  1. Check the start menu for a program like "Recovery Disk Creator" that will create a set of recovery DVD's from blank media.

    You can also do a factory restore from the hidden recovery partition, which I think is started by holding down the ZERO key at the BIOS Logo screen.
  2. To follow-up Das_stig's response - many laptops that come pre-installed with Windows 7 do not come with a recovery disk (and good for you for thinking ahead of time :)). Learn how to create your own visit

    You can probably also purchase one from Toshiba, but it'll cost you a little bit.

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  3. About £40 for set of DVD's from Toshiba or £5 for a pack of 10 from local computer stores and 20 minutes to create disks.
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