Any good Game pc game demo websites!!!

I am kind of new to pc gaming (only 3 months) and wondering if there are any good sites that I can get demos from besides file front.
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  2. Or if you setup a steam account they generally let you demo upcoming games, left 4 dead and empire total war were a couple of recent ones.
  3. I've got a lot of mine from
  4. gamershell is the best for patches as well, no signup etc like fileplanet
  6. I second steam, they have great download speeds and a few demos. And if you wanted to buy they always have sales going on. A few weeks ago you could get lost planet for 75% off. Plus every once in a while they do a free weekend of a game, so you could download the game for free for a weekend to see if you like the full experience.
  7. + Steam
  8. Thank you for all of your helpful sites!!!
  9. Steam my glasses up baby
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