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Hello, I'm new, trying to find a place to sell my graphics card; eBay wasn't helping me that much. Okay, so I have an HIS Radeon 5870 graphics card that I am trying to sell, it isn't the Turbo cooler one, it's the one with the sword decal on it. When I was trying to purchase it, it was a hard card to find-various reasons of which I know-but now I'm trying to sell it and invest in something else. For complete details on the item, it's condition and pricing, please follow this link to my eBay auction: If the forums prohibits the advertising of things on another site I'm sorry-I know some places are like that and they don't want people posting those sorts of things, I'm just trying to give more details about the item. In the auction, I've stated that what I'd like for the card is rather high, but I'm starting the bidding part lower. In fact, I'm going to go adjust the starting bidding price. I'd like $350 for the card (For this price I include bonus items which are listed in the auction) but I don't expect anyone to pay that. I started the bidding at $200.00 USD which I think I'll lower to $150-180 around there. I'm really hoping to sell this graphics card soon, please contact me if you are interested or have any questions about the item; contact me either through here on the forum, or through eBay. Thanks.
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  1. may I ask why you selling it?
  2. Very much doubt you can get $350 for a used card when there are 5870's Like this XFX model available new for $169 after MIR including shipping !! and You might not even get an opening bid since with shipping you're wanting $180+ even for an opening bid - Prices on video cards have dropped considerably due to the release of better\faster cards and heavy competition so you might want to consider dropping the price even further if you actually want to sell it !!
  3. Anguish, FYI I am selling two ASUS 5870's for 300.00 and am having a hard time. I found a buyer but it was not quick.
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