Left 4 dead

I hope i can get some help, first i just started playing left 4 dead but for some reason it seems very laggy at 1024-768 res, hear are my specs

Asus M2N68-LA mother board with nvidia nForce 430 chipset
amd x2 4800+
3096 pc ddr2 6400
geforce 9500gt 512 ddr2

vista scores are

Processor 5.1
memory 5.9
Graphics for aero 5.9
gameing graphics 5.4
hard disk 5.9
vista experince score 5.1
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  1. What are the ingame settings?
    Are you drivers up to date?

    I would place my money on your settings being to high for you graphics card.
  2. Disable multi core rendering in video options/ advanced settings
  3. 9500gt is probably not fast enough to run some of the graphics options in your settings. Nvidia... (GRRrrr) have annoying habit of re-badging their products tricking people into thinking higher number = better... except in Nvidia's case its not always true.

    FYI Vista scores dont mean a lot... just MS trying to get in on the benchmarking scene. 3D mark 06 is a better indiciation, even so its still an "artificial" benchmark
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