Selling 4890, Rare e8400, 2gb ddr2 ram, ga ep45 ud3r mobo

I'm selling a xfx 4890 with a double lifetime warranty(so you get life time aswell)
a e8400 that ocs to 3.6ghz at 1.12-1.15v, 4ghz at 1.18v
4gb ddr2 ram 800 mhz
ga ep45 ud3r mobo

offer me if in ny upstate area i can do in person between rochester and buffalo and syracuse.
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  1. Very interested in the e8400 and the RAM pm lowest price I live in nyc willing to meet.
  2. can anyone price check all of this for me?
  3. 120 (retails 170) for cpu, 165 for gpu, 35-40 for ram, mobo no idea (give or take)
  4. well idk for the cpu yet but im thinking 100 for the gpu
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