hi im looking for advice on what monitor would be best for my xbox 360. at present i have a samsung 940mw that i use for both the pc and the xbox. i like samsung as they have a good selection of conections and you get a 3 year warrenty. i was looking at the t220hd but the speakers let it down. so any sugestions will be very helpfull cheers
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  2. Well, I love my Samsung SyncMaster 240T. The only thing I don't like about the thing is that even though it has an optical out for sound, it won't pass a DD/DTS signal forward properly (2 channel is fine though). Just a minor caveat, but noteable non the less. Everything looks great on it, movement is fluid, and TV looks overall great.
  3. cheers again m8
  4. One thing to consider, try to get one with pixel mapping so it will show black bars instead of stretching to fit the screen. I don't like black bars, but stretched screens are worse for aspect ratio and interpolation.
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