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In the article "Sound Can Be Hazardous for Games", it was said:
"For AMD fans, we can only recommend the excellent nForce 2, provided it is implemented on the motherboard with the APU. But be warned, a lot of manufacturers don't actually use this part of nForce 2, going instead for the slower, conventional audio chips."

Which motherboards use the APU chips?
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  1. First you need a board with the MCP-T southbridge, not the MCP.

    Then steer clear of any that mention AC97 Audio.

    What you're looking for is 'Soundstorm' and 'Dolby Digital AC-3 Encoder'

    All this will be found in the boards description as they are key selling points.

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  2. Indeed. MCP-T is what you're looking for. Except the Chaintech Zenith nForce2 board which, even though it has MCP-T, does not make use of the nVidia APU.

    Examples with the nVidia APU:
    Asus A7N8X Deluxe
    Abit NF7-S
    Epox 8RDA+
  3. The article said that the realtek chips and AC'97 were crap, but that seems to be what's on all of the boards. Is there something I'm missing?
  4. The nVidia APU is doing the work but it needs physical routing to the ports that it works from. This is where you may see a name like Realtek, for example, with respect to the motherboard's audio.
  5. You sure miss a lot of things, go check Sound Card forum to find out more on this, there are plenty of similar topic just before last week.

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  6. You will need a nForce2 mobo with MCP-T southbridge. All nForce2 mobos with MCP-T southbridge use nForce APU, except Chaintech's nForce2 + MCP-T mobos

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  7. You want the motherboards that specifically brag about "Soundstorm," since that's the PR name for nVidia's MCP-T. There are nVidia boards out there with onboard sound that are not Soundstorm, and therefore are not nearly as good.

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