FS: LGA775 based gaming pc $450 CAD shipped

Hello folks,

I'm currently in the market for a Sandy Bridge system, so I have decided to sell off most of my current 775 based system. I'm most interested in selling these pieces as a bundle, as I'm waiting until they're all gone before I order anything new. I will consider parting things out individually under the right circumstances, so post your interest and offers for individual items and I'll consider them after I have given folks a chance to consider the whole bundle. I'd like to sell it for $450 CAD shipped, or $470 US shipped (will mark as unsolicited gift to avoid customs and duties).

Now for a list of the parts:

CPU: 1x Intel q8300 (oc'd to 3.1 without breaking a sweat, 1.23v) -

CPU cooler: 1x Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 (rev 1.0 - 775 only - link for reference. Keeps the cpu @ 47C under full load in prime95) -

Mobo: 1x Asus p5b -

Memory: 2x Ocz2g10662g (2x2 GB) -

Video: 1x Sapphire Radeon 4890 (stable @ 885 gpu, 1035 mem) -

HDD: 1x 80GB WD Caviar Black sata

Sound: 1x PCI SoundBlaster Audigy 2

Optical: 1x LG DVD-RW (IDE, white)

For those of you still reading, I am from around Norland, Ontario, which is north of Orillia. Meeting in person is an option, though this will not likely change the price. You'll notice that there is no case or PSU for sale, as I'll be carrying those over to a future build. Many of these parts of their original boxes and documentation, and I will be including those as well (if you're like me, you might think they look cool :P ) .

Any questions about the individual parts, please ask me. Pics upon request, so shoot me a reply or pm and help me move on to sandy bridge :wahoo:


Oops, forgot to mention that I will accept paypal, amazon payments, money orders or cash (if you dare to send that in the mail :P). Shipping will likely be via purolator.
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