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I had been anxiously awaiting the release of Empire Total War... bought it right away, but it didn't work right on my XP computer.... I needed to upgrade anyhow, so I ordered a new Dell desktop, with an AMD Radeon HD3450 256 MB PCI-Express x16 RV620 graphics card installed. Also, I have no other games installed on the computer yet, and it has pleanty of space for this...The processor is the Pentium core 2 Duo e7200 (2.53GHz,3mb). I think that that should allow the game to work properly, however it does not. Even with the graphics set lowest... which seems crazy... I got the grapics thing the way I did so that I could enjoy the graphics that the game offers! I get the error message- Empire Totalwar has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program & notify you if a soluton is available. I have tried all of the listed contact information for support but have had ZERO luck finding any way to recieve an actual response to a question. Any suggestions?????
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  1. 1. check your drivers are up to date
    2. try reinstalling?
    3 check RAM

    3450 is a last generation, mid-range card. It's going to struggle in many games.


    third from bottom.
  2. are you sure its your computer not handling it? If it closes the instant you start, rather than just having a terrible framerate that either generally means your hardware is MASSIVELY out of the league of the game (like, running empire on a 2 year old cheapo laptop), or that there is a software problem.
  3. Did you buy empireTW from steam? if so, that is the problem (so I hear). The total war series of games have always been a pain in the butt to install and/or run and then keep running without crashing, although when the games do work well the gameplay is often brilliant.
  4. go to www.twcenter.net

    visit their forums, as you will see, tons of performance/crashing issues on a wide range of systems among other bugs. Most people consider themselves lucky if they can play through a few turns without a CTD.

    I too suffer from crashes and I am running a superior system.
  5. same... :(
  6. Public beta's ftw
  7. Angelique8478 said:
    I ordered a new Dell desktop, with an AMD Radeon HD3450

    Oh my.....i just spotted this. Bet they took you for a ride as well....how much....£500-600?
  8. Yeah that card is going to struggle, on just about anything new let alone Empire.
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