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Ok so im a lil dissapointed with my current system, its from dell so probably doesnt have best parts and was going to upgrade my mobo so it could handle 8x agp and buy a brand spankin new 9800 pro to take full advantage. My problem is I need a mobo that can utilize all my old hardware, basic dell stuff including a 2.53 mhz p4 chip, and 1 gig of rdram. I tried checking usual sites but its very very difficult for me to find what im looking for. Perhaps some of you more experienced folks could help me out? thanks :)
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  1. Big trouble is it's a Dell. I'm not throwing stones or anything, but take that into account the next time your looking into a computer. Build them yourself & you'll know what & how to upgrade then.

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  2. You will see no difference between 4X and 8X. Slap that 9800 Pro in that Dell and be amazed. Just make sure you uninstall whatever video drivers you have in there first.

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  3. my issue isnt exactally the agp 8x. its just sortve me not being too trusting that the mobo dell gave me is high quality, and id like to have a high quality mobo with agp8x that can take full advantage of my 1 gig of rdram and 9800 pro, for a future investment also. does this mobo just plain not exist yet and my best bet would just buy the new 3d card and hope for the best?
  4. There aren't too many programs out there that are going to take advantage of 1GB of RAM. If you get a new mobo you will not see much of a difference. The difference will come with a 3.0GHz P4 with hyperthreading and 800MHz FSB. However, I don't think there are any platforms out there that support RDRAM. Besides building a system around the RAM is silly. So to reiterate, slap that puppy in there and be happy. When the time comes when you can't run certain games, etc. then upgrade the whole thing.

    To start press any key. Where's the "any" key? --Homer Simpson.
  5. damn, this was my worry. hate to have spent so much on rdram to just sortve abandon it. guess ill just go with a new 3d card, and wait until that super nice DDRII stuff comes out and maybe upgrade whole thing then. any ETA when the new DDRII stuff will be reasonably priced for retail? or anything i should know about future technology to wait for before building new supersystem?
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