Anyone else use gamepads as main control method on PC?

i must be the odd one, since i don't really like the KB/M combo that much, it hurts your back or something being hunched over or something.

I use the Logitech Dual Action (PS2 knock-off) for almost any games, like Crysis, painkiller, etc... with a program called Xpadder, which is an keyboard emulator. That means i can play games with no gamepad support with a gamepad, pretty much.
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  1. Heritic
  2. HerEtic?

  3. I was so appalled, that I lost the ability to spell.
  4. I'll let you off. It was a bit of a shocking statement.
  5. If KB/M hurts your back from being hunched over maybe you should look into buying a new desk/chair? Just a thought.
  6. Why would anyone use a gamepad for a FPS?
  7. I use a gamepad(with Xpadder, if the game dosen't support my pad) from time to time, but still use the keyboard/mouse combo, as i'm playing a PC game, and it only feels natural and precise aiming with mouse anyway.
  8. I would get my ass kicked in L4D if I used a gamepad. I have a 360 and that is the one thing that I find difficult - an FPS and a gamepad.
  9. When it comes to RTS's and FSP I will always use the keyboard and mouse as an experianced PC gamer I've always found sports and driving games a lot harder when using the keyboard so my 360 control pad is a must have for those games. I'm even using the game pad now for a lot 3rd person prospective games like Assassins Creed, Phsychonunts, Tomb Raider as well as using it for my MAME and SNES emulator. Saying that I played GTA: Vice City using a combination of keyboard, mouse and joystick (to fly the helicopters) and it worked well.

    I would also say I'm using a control pad more and more but that's only as result of the types of games I'm playing.
  10. I only use them for playing sports games. Then again I might be called a heretic for playing sports games on a PC (or at all). I would try a new chair if you're finding a lot of discomfort while gaming. Personally I found the best gaming chair to be a basic chair similar to what you would see in a school (actually the one I have came from a school). At work I have a nice ergonomic office chair, but I found that while gaming I tend to lean forward in a more 'ready' position. Having a chair which natural leans back was causing me some back pain, but just a basic solid seat works a lot better. Probably a lot more discussion about chairs than what was need :)
  11. haha, i didn't meant to be a troll on this, lol...

    i just never found KB/M to be comfortable for me, ever.

    so yea, gotta be a heretic against the norm.

    oh, and i just came off the Xbox 360, i used to game on consoles, until the POS breaks for the umpteenth time. And then i thought, "why not a PC, look at the mods, and the games are cheaper", and well, you get the picture. but, still has a habit of preferring the controller, so yea, i was trying to make my PC to be like the Xbox 360, sort of.
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