I am planning to buy a ps3. I have about $500, which I kind of want to spend no more than $450. I would of liked to buy a xbox 360 but the price for the online and the rrod turned me away along with a few other things. mostly I waNt the basic 80gb with the controller, would be nice if I can get it for $300 or a bit more. I an also planning to get gta 4 with it. any suggestions what I should get or where I can get it? any ideas? any would be appriciated
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  1. ps3 speculations are that it will get cheaper sometime soon, if its really a must, the best price is generally 399$, I wouldn't buy preused just because I don't trust that.

    If you can hold off, if you can't grab a 399 80 gig 1, the 160 gig is not worth it seeing as as for the extra 100$ you can grab a 500 gig Laptop HDD and upgrade yourself, or 2 other games (more if you don't mind pre used and cheap games).
  2. Personally I'd prefer an XBox, RRODs aren't as common on the new Jasper models, and the online play breaks down to somewhere in the region of $5 a month, hardly bank-breaking. PS3 just hasn't got any games that interest me at the moment, FFXIII was going to be what sold the console for me but now that's coming out on the XB too... and blu-ray? Just spend 1/3 the cash on a BR drive for your PC.

    I'm not an xbox fanboy, I just sat down and weighed up all the pros and cons, and even though mine RROD'd about 8 months ago, it was picked up from my house and returned fully repaired for free.

    Still... if you like JRPGs it's a very close call between the two, there's some very good ones coming to both consoles in the next 12 months, and if the rumours of Xenosaga 4 turn out to be true I'll be down to my local game store before my PC has a chance to shut down fully.

    Just a note - 80gb ps3 is plenty, like L1qu1d said, if you need a bigger drive just grab a huge laptop HDD. If you decide to go Xbox though, get the 120gb. Installing games makes the console considerably quieter and smoother (though there are some games that aren't optimised to run from the HDD so you might want to check out which ones run better and which ones don't. I think GTA IV runs better from the HDD though)
  3. My issue with the 360 (all 4 I owned) was the console eating (scratching) all my games.

    The PS3 is starting to show its power. You might want to find one of the older 80GB (backward compatable through software) ones if you can though, if you like PS2 games.
  4. The thing is, Xbox 360 reached its life, the ps3 has only to grow, Seeing as developers are just getting use to the kits now, we expect to see alot mroe fromt he ps3.

    Don't forget the ps3 has alot more processing power, and potential for a 50 gig discs, uncompressed sound, texture, extras....

    Don't forget that xbox is no longer shipping out the boxes (coffins as ppl have gotten to call em) so the hassle of RROD will be much greater.
  5. dell has a ps3 deal 399 + 20% off.
  6. Not true, Microsoft is cutting down on the Elite models because of A) With the economy going as it is people are not interested in the 400 dollar elite when they can just buy a 200 dollar arcade and B) there is a rumor that they're clearing out their stock of Elites so they can introduce a new one with an integrated blu-ray player.

    The PS3 has more processing power, but the 360 has a more powerful graphics card despite being much older which places them about even, although the PS3 does NOT support anti-aliasing, meaning that in head to head comparisons the 360 almost ALWAYS wins. By the time developers take full advantage of the PS3, Microsoft will be revealing the next Xbox and then nobody will want a PS3.

    With the hardware revisions, the 360 DOES NOT overheat much more than any other system, but Microsoft still gives you the free 3 year warranty. You get a system that won't fail much more than a PS3 but has you covered by warranty if it does.

    One last thing, don't follow the link above it's another scam.
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