a7v-vm new bios

I have the proprietary a7v-vm mainboard and I was wondering if I can install a normal a7v bios from asus so that I can get the overclocking capabilities.
I am thinking that there will be some sort of check so that you can't just do this, but using something like uniflash you could probably force a flash onto it, and I cannot imagine that the a7v-vm is any different than the a7v133 with some disabled cababilities (like overclocking).

What are some of your opinions and or experiences with this?

Thank you
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  1. Nobody has tried this? Can someone point me in the direction of where I would get more info? like maybe a bios good bios site.
  2. I also have the ASUS A7V-VM board in a back -up PC( OEM-HP ) , your question is a good one , I dont know either , I haven't updated the BIOS in this one .
    So , can you update an OEM BIOS with one from the manufacturer to enable more tweaks , I'd also like to know
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