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I have recently subscribed to the internet. I have an x-box 360 and have just purchased an internet gaming card so that i could play online. I have my console hooked up directly to my modem but when i try to get the internet to come up on the 360 it says ip address incorrect. what can i do to resolve this? I don't even know what an ip address is!
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  1. Google or Contact Microsoft or visit Xbox.com. And why hook the 360 directly, then you can't use the internet on anything else. Buy a router.
  2. An ip address is just a lookup for finding things on the internet.
    for example google.com's ip address is
    Put that number into your browser, google.com pops up.

    As a metaphor, its just like i have a real name and a phone number to reach me on, whereby Googles domain name is its real name and its IP address is its phone number.
  3. help us with what specific hardware you are using and how you are connecting it....

    If you have an adsl type modem, they typically have two connections, the USB connection will not work with your XBOX, the LAN connection probably wont either as most of these modems dont have a built in DNS server whoch the xbox needs to automatically configure itself - if you are lucky, you may be able to specify the network settings manually in the network setup part of the xbox connection screen
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