MSI GTX 560ti Twin Frozr $200

I am selling my 1 month and a half old GTX 560ti non reference in Mint condition. It is factory OC'd and has not been OC'd by me. I am asking $200 and actual shipping. Accepting offers as well. Card comes with all accessories and box.

To answer warranty questions if you are willing to I will be happy to file any warranty claims within the 3 year warranty for the buyer. I will provide my email and phone number for that purpose to the buyer. I am a top rated seller on ebay and can provide proof of that.

Feel free to calculate shipping costs my zip code is 35473 and shipping weight is about 3.5 pounds rough dimensions are 17 x 15 x 3. Insurance is completely up to the buyer. Not getting insurance will make shipping cheaper though.

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  1. Newegg is selling the MSI gtx 560 ti for 249.99 with a 20dollar mail in rebate. Other than waiting the 6-8 weeks to get the 20dollar credit card, this doesn't seem to be much of a deal when shipping is figured in. I just purchased that card myself not too long ago. Why are you selling it?
  2. I'll knock the price down plus shipping (UPS) $20 this was an estimate across country so actual shipping may be less if closer to me.

    I bought a gtx 480 from a friend. My mobo will only support 1 gpu so I can't use this one.
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  4. I have changed my shipping price. I will now only charge actual shipping, also have left the insurance completely up to the buyer.
  5. I reduced the price down to $200 plus actual shipping. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions item is still for sale.
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