How well can I run GTA 4?

HI everyone. I recently upgraded my rig to reasonable standards (at least compared to my old comp) and i was wondering how well i could get GTA4 to run. I have no trouble passing the recommended requirements according to Rockstar (except for having a Core 2 Quad, I have a duo) but ive heard a lot of ppl saying that the prescribed requirements are worthless. Here's my specs. Please, if you have any performance suggestions that don't involve spending money (or at least not a lot of money) then feel free to tell me.

Asus P5QL PRO motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E7300, 2.66 ghz, w/ Intel's stock cooler
2gbs of PC2something memory, its either 3200 or 6400.
PNY geForce 9600GT video card, 512mb of GDDR3 memory
HD audio codec
160gig SATA hard rive, 120 partitioned for Windows
SATA DVD burner
Windows XP x64 Professional SP2

BTW, i noticed that GTA4 is a 64bit game. Will i get any significant performance increase because i have a 64bit operating system?
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  1. Having a 64-bit OS makes 1-2fps difference in GTA4 because while it is a 64-bit game, it isn't 64-bit optimised, so the only difference is it can address a lot more memory. Tom's did an article about this yesterday (might have been the day before) and GTA4 is one of the games they used in their performance charts,review-31535.html

    As for the setup, I have no idea what kind of requirements GTA4 requires so I'll stay out of that side of the post.
  2. It will run the game, but no-one gets great FPS from that game anyway. It's incredibly memory and cpu hungry. let the game decide the gfx options and then make sure you set the shadows to 0. that'll give you a big fps boost (10fps). At least you have 512MB ram on your GFX card that I'd say is the minimum for that game.
  3. It will run the game but, as stated, not very well. crank down some eye candy and buy a new CPU cooler and OC the CPU. should help you out a bit. Try pushing your GPU a bit too with rivatuner if you're feeling brave, but make sure you research first!
  4. Overrrrrcloooockkkk your Ceee Peee Youuuuu, Orrrrr that gaaaaameeee wont looooook so newwwww
  5. Oh noes! PR's trapped in slowmo!
  6. Its meant to be tuneful :/
  7. try to install first and check your settings... if it runs good.. then your computer can handle it.. ^_^
  8. Your computer should be able to play the game on medium overall, on 1680x1050, but your rendering and texture quality will probably be on low. The rendering quality(you might be able to put it on medium) only affects your gpu performance, well that is what it says in the settings menu, and texturing quality will probably be low since it seems that because even though you have a better cpu than me(e5200 2.5ghz dual-core @800mhz) your video card is much worse(I have 4870 512mb), and you need more memory too. The game takes up about .5gig of memory. 3200 and 6400 is a big difference so I cannot tell you specifically how your performance is. All my friends play this game like crazy, thats why it is easy to tell you the performance. A 3200 is under 500mhz and 6400 is 667mhz, there is a bit of a difference in the memory speed.

    my settings
    very high(Shadow quality)
    very high(Water quality)
    10 viewing distance(that is very low)
    v-sync on
    average of 22fps though
    cpu(in post)
    Video card(in post)
    Memory 4gigs drr2 @800mhz
    sata 3.0 gbs 640gigs
    video card is on a pci express x16 1.0 slot
    !!!!You should be able to get execptional performance out of this game!!!!!!
  9. Exceptional performance?
    Dont get his hopes up :/
  10. Just a note baout the 3200 and 6400, I don't know where you're getting 500 MHz and 667 MHz...

    PC-3200 is 400 MHz, PC2-6400 is 800 MHz (double data rate, divide by 2 for actual clock speeds so that'd be 200 and 400). More than likely you're using DDR2, so that'd be the PC2-6400. You can download CPU-Z and go to the SPD or Memory tabs to confirm (SPD shows the type of RAM listed beside Max Bandwidth, and the Memory tab shows you what speed your RAM is beside DRAM Frequency).
  11. Thanks for all your replies. I don't expect to run the game at a very high resolution, 1280x1024 at most. I have the vidcard in a PCIe 2.0 slot (and it's a pcie 2.0 card) if that makes any difference. The CPU stock cooler is better than you think: the Newegg reviews on this particular cpu stated that modest overclocking was possible w/ the stock cooler, so i could o'c it (My ASUS board's bios has a LOT of overclocking management and safeguard features, luckily). Oh, is Rivatuner like ATItool? How much performance gain could i get out of using it?
  12. i get 40-50 FPS average on my $600 PC so it souldnt be that bad.
    my PC stats:
    e8400 OC'd @3.6
    8800gt Oc'd
    2gigs ddr2 ram
  13. Hell i could get 40-50 fps on a calculator at low setting.
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