FS mid range gaming pc. Am i asking to much?

Screwed up the first post and was quoting myself instead of editing :( Ive had this on craigslist for a little while now with no interest except people wanting to trade :/ Noticed the classifieds here so thought id give it a try see if anyone here is interested and get some opinions on pricing. I built it new about 6 months ago still have packaging/papers/accessories/cables for everything no missing upcs. Will come with windows 7 64bit if i replace the hard drive.

AMD x3 445 Cpu unlocked to Phenom x4 (same as amd x4 955 @100mhz lower)
ASrock 870 Extreme3 Motherboard
Gskill Ripjaws CL7 ddr3 1600 2x2gb Ram
Sapphire 100283-3L Radeon 5770 Video Card
Antec Neopower 650w Modular Power Supply
Rosewill Destroyer Case
Lite On 24x Dvd-rw
Scythe 120mm Case Fan (+3 rosewill or whatever brand came with the case)
Logitech G9x Mouse
Logitech s120 Speakers
Asus 23in 2ms 1080p LCD Monitor VH236
Linksys Wireless G Usb
Basic Keyboard

$700 for everything.
$550 for everything EXCEPT the monitor
$50 off if you have a hard drive and i dont need to buy a new one before selling
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  1. It's not worth anywhere near that much. The build might have been worth that brand new a little while ago, but it's certainly not worth it now, especially not used.

    The parts in the build alone will only cost around $500 brand new (counting a 1 TB HDD). Since it's been put together, you need to knock off 20% from that. Then, take off 10% for every couple of months it's been used. That brings you down to a total of $250-275 for the build without the HDD. Add the cost of the HDD if you include it. You could probably even add another $75-100 for Windows 7, since that's an added "cost". It's $100 if they had to buy it.

    The monitor can likely get $125 and the other extras maybe $75 total. That brings the total for everything to $450-475, possibly even $500. That's without the HDD and an OS. If you include those, add around $150.

    You might be able to get more for it if you find a sucker, but I wouldn't try listing it above $600, again, without the HDD. If you buy a new HDD and include Windows, you could probably list it at $700, but be prepared to except anything above $600-625. Of course, in order to find a sucker, you need to list it someplace that isn't a forum for computer enthusiasts and builders. Craiglist is your best bet, as long as you make it absolutely clear that you don't want to trade.
  2. Obviously not looking for a sucker if i posted it here trying to get a price range. Basically what im seeing is your saying its overpriced by 50$ for everything if i bought a new hd and installed windows like i offered? I would certainly like to see where your buying this all brand new for 500 though. With sale prices at the time last i checked it was like 550 without a hard drive or psu. The cheapest comparable psus i can find are $80 and up. Then i figured the cpu being stable unlocked as a phenom x4 should fetch slightly more then a 445 retail. Also the 20% off for already putting it together really?
  3. I accounted for the HDD and Windows later. You would add the cost of the HDD and $75-100 for Windows after the percentages are applied. I said, "... without the HDD and an OS. If you include those, add around $150."

    A good 650W PSU is no where near $80 (typically). You can find good ones starting at around $65. Any more than that, you start bumping into the territory of 750W units. I will say that the prices on PSU are abnormally high at this moment. A few weeks ago, the best 650W (the XFX Black Edition) was $60, and the XFX 750W (again, the best in that range) was about $80-90.

    To start, an X3 does not unlock to a Phenom II, regardless of the extra core or the higher clock. It doesn't have an L3 cache, which is the main draw of the Phenom IIs. Without that, they're not really comparable. And an overclocked CPU actually fetches a LOWER price because it reduces the lifetime of the chip and produces instability. That's generally why before you sell a used system that had an overclocked CPU, you undo the overclock and don't mention it.

    The 20% is the cost of basically opening the box. Once it's out of the hands of a retailer (i.e. shrink wrapped or such), it's worth less than it was before. It's like with buying a car. As soon as you drive it off the lot, it's lost a huge chunk of it's value. Part of the issue is that you're not a professional builder with a reputation (good or bad) and can't offer a warranty. The warranties that are intact when you buy a product and build it for yourself are immediately voided when you resell, excluding XFX's amazing double lifetime warranty. Really, the 20% is fair because the buyer is accepting a lot more risk when buying a pre-constructed build.

    As for where I got the costs:

    X3 450 $80. The 445 is out of stock, but it's usually $72.
    ASRock 870 Extreme3 $90
    Ripjaws $60. Overpriced right now. You can get 2x2 GB 1600 mhz CL 9 1.5v (will run at CL 7 and 1.65v) typically for $40ish.
    HD 5770 $110 (usually one can be had for $10 less, with free shipping)
    F3 1 TB and Antec Earthwatts 650W $130. Neopower has been deactivated, but this Earthwatts would be better any way. The F3 was $55 a couple days ago, in which case the XFX 650W is a better deal at $120 for both.
    Destroyer $50 (usually ships for free)
    DVD burner $19

    Total: $531, without better deals that I know almost always exist. Such as 4 GB of RAM for $40 (Corsair's XMS series), the F3 for $55 (can be as low as $50 from Amazon), the X3 445 and the XFX PSU in stock. Granted, I am using after rebate prices, simply because that's indicitive of what the normal buyer would actually spend at the end of it all. The $500 is a good estimate.
  4. Sorry to tell you but your wrong x3 can unlock with l3 cache and mine does look at my cpu-z. My psu is modular which makes a difference in the price. you said a good psu is nowhere near 80$ but both of the ones you suggested are 80$...... The ram you may say is overpriced but apparently its nice according to the 300+ reviews. The 5770 you listed is not the same brand or quality by looking at the reviews. You also left out mouse, extra case fan, wifi adapter, keyboard and speakers even though their cheap thats another $100 easy new. Im all for suggestions on pricing here but your arguments are pretty invalid your comparing items of different brands/quality and your opinion. The cost of everything im offering is closer to the 800-900 range NEW depending where you purchase and sale prices at the time. Warranty wise i have no issue providing assistance and receipts for whatever is necessary for the rest of the manufacture warranty.
  5. ^I added the extras at the end, just like the monitor. And there is little difference between brands of GPUs. Both PSUs I linked are $65, either counting the $15 combo or the rebate.

    I only used other brands or such when a brand wasn't known or deactivated. In either case, I included higher quality (or similar) units. Besides, a few bucks doesn't change the overall result. That $30 difference in the parts I quoted resulted in being on the higher end of the range given.
  6. I've gotta agree with MadAdmiral. You're asking WAY too much for used goods.
  7. I7 860 systems are going for 700$...
  8. Not to mention the fact that all your items were peiced together by you. There is no telling other than you word that its been abused/overclocked and for the money Id rather buy my own LCD and speakers. I sold my old E6600, 8gigs of ram, 650 watt corsair psu, Velociraptor 150, WD 500gig and a GTX 280 for $460 back in October. Used custom built pcs dont go for much ......
  9. Ok since others chimed in on this ill go with the fact that i was expecting to much :P What should i be asking for everything offered and if i were to sell the pc alone what should i ask for that
  10. Yeah it really sucks that you can't get more for it. I know I was kind of letdown letting it go cheap. It was my baby for a year ....I felt guilty selling it for so cheap. After it sold I said its better I sold it and got something rather than have it sit and collect dust. Figure 500 obo and lower it until you have people biting.
  11. Im not in dire need to sell it i just wanted a little extra money towards a car. If its less then 600 for everything i would rather keep it
  12. Yeah your better off keeping it
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