Console game testing

Hi, I am new to this field of game testing can any body answer my basic questions?

1. What is game testing
2. what is console game
3. types of console game
4. mechanism of console game
5. how the console game works
6. what are the technology that are used for developing the console game
7. is console game can be played in a pc
8. what is the process followed for testing a console game
9. what is the environment required for testing a console game
10. what are the prerequisites for testing a console game
11. what are the famous console game that are present in the market
12. what are the opensource/comertial tools available for testing them
13. which are the company that provide testing solution for testin a console game in the market
14. is performanse testing needed for console game

thanks n regards
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  1. Mate thats a hell of a lot of very vague questions.
    It seems like you are serious about getting into it though, but rather than letting other people do the research for you i suggest you start googling those answers and get involved in a tester community something like that, though i dont know that site...a lot will try and sell you some kind of BS training so be careful.

    BTW games testing = incredibly boring ;)
  2. No offense but generally people who get into games testing actually know something about games to begin with...

    I tried it a while back and found it insanely boring, repeating the same level dozens of times, every time slightly differently, and recording every single action for the day report. It actually made me put down game controllers for a year... couldn't get out of the habit of trying to break engines while playing games and it bugged me.
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