need help with chaintech nforce 2

im trouble shooting a chaintech nforce 2 mobo, the lite version. a while ago it wouldnt post, and randomly it would crash so i replaced the psu with an enermax 350. upon replacing the psu it would not post again. so i took it home to swap out parts. with every thing unpluged, it would not post, only video ram and cpu it would not post. swapped the video, would not post, swapped the ram, would not post. finaly i swapped the cpu, viola, it posted. i thought ok, no prob a new cpu and im done. but in the interest of thoroughness, i put the old cpu back in. ill be damned, it posted. several times. it happend once before, it wouldnt post, i moved the computer to my house and it would post the first time. took it back and it worked for a week, then it wouldnt post again. brought it back to my house and now im here. what could it be? mobo? hope not. im thinking a bios flash could fix it, but what else could it be?

my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
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  1. I'm thinking a poorly aligned video card slot or motherboard/case alignment. Are all your standoffs even and being utilized? I've sold and mounted several mobos in cases where the owner did a poor job installing the old motherboard with uneven standoffs or pading underneath the board. Or simply a cheap case. But if you're posting now, I would leave it alone and not try anything else with it for awhile. If you bought the board from a reputable vender, you should be able to return it for at least 1 year. Are you getting power to the board when it won't post?
  2. well, i have flashed the bios and it seems ok, but it did the same thing last time. only problem is the sound doesnt work now, i cant get updated drivers from chaintech cause their web site sucks ass. i go to the download page and it says page cannont be displayed.

    my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
  3. well the sound problem was stupid, the mobo comes with some front pannel that makes the rear jacks not work if its not plugged in, i guess there are probly jumpers to make the back jacks work without it but i dont remember seeing them

    my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
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