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Alright, so its time for me to get a new mouse. I have 4 selected, but if you would like to suggest another please feel free to do so. Just remember that, when suggesting a mouse, keep it under (or around) $60.

here are the mice (mouses?) I have picked out.

Razer DeathAdder

Microsoft Habu (apparently just the old Razer Diamondback with a Microsoft look)

Logitech G5,en


Microsoft Sidewinder X5 (not quite sure what X5 means though)
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  1. How about: none of the above

    Razer Mamba For the F***ing WiN!!!!!
  2. stevensl2 said:
    How about: none of the above

    Razer Mamba For the F***ing WiN!!!!!

    LMAO well at least you replied lol
  3. I love my G5!
  4. I've got a Razer Lachesis, and the Microsoft Habu is actually a Razer in disguise... I'd say go with the DeathAdder out of the ones you listed though. Razer mice area top notch and look great too (tried a G5 recently, didn't like it at all compared to my Lachesis).
  5. I've got an old Logitech MX series.

    I love the feel and options you get with Logitech gaming mice.

    They fit perfectly in your hand and are easy to customise.
  6. It's a bit over the $60, but if you arent in a hurry and can save up the $39 you miss for this one; its really worth it;,EN

    Love it, nice feel, precize, good battery (doesnt run dry in 2 hours like others do), good wireless connection (no hic ups or lag).
  7. I have to say, the G5 is a lot better, although it really depends on your specific needs.

    Few things:

    While there is only ONE side button, your thumb does not rest on top of it so you don't accidentally push it while you're gripping the mouse. I use the side of my thumb to click the side button, though it's just as easy to slide your thumb up a few milimetres.

    There are two buttons specifically for swapping between different sensitivities which can be pre-programmed using the software the mouse comes with.

    Clicking the mouse wheel takes some time to get used to because you can now scroll left and right... doesn't really matter for most cases - but you might end up scrolling left and clicking the mouse wheel at the same time. Little sensitivity LED thing tells you where you're at!

    Adjustable weight, I do not really care for it - just an added bonus because it is nice to have a mouse of a specific weight type sometimes.

    Corded mouse, no need to worry about people messing with particularly strong electromagnets in the house.

    So, it really depends on your needs as a gamer, just consider how much functionality you can get out of an extra mouse button, whether on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment is useful to you and the way you hold your mouse. To be honest, I don't think the G5 and Deathadder are even comparable, but then again, I am a high sensitivity gamer. As for the Habu or Sidewinder... nah :P
  8. :o My G5 has 2 side buttons
    Works wonderfully with my G15 and looks hawt
  9. G5 is good mouse as friend has it and likes it.

    I went for the nova x600 slider though. Very comfortable for medium or bigger hands. Id imagine it not so good if you have small hands though
  10. I have a G5 -> I voted for the Deathadder.
  11. pr2thej said:
    :o My G5 has 2 side buttons
    Works wonderfully with my G15 and looks hawt

    I have an older version of the G5 that only has one side button :/. I've seen some people with a G5 with two buttons, but I still see G5's in stores with only one button. Then again, I haven't been to any major retailers since who knows when.
  12. Deathadder all the way. To many problems with my G5 like buttons not working when pressed and no i dont slam nor beat my buttons
  13. Alright guys, thanks for your input, I guess that I will be going with the DeathAdder.

    I would go with the G5, but I always wanted to try a Razer mouse (I have been using Logitech and Microsoft mice for years now).
  14. Deathadder rocks!
  15. I have never had any problems with my G5 o.o

    Good luck with your new Razer mouse, Boudy :)
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