Please guide me about any changes required!

I have a system made personaly having following specifications.the problem is that the game blacksite area51 is still running very slow.How to solve the problem.

intel DG31PR 1333Mhz
intel core 2 duo e8200 6mb cache 2.66Ghz
2Gb kingston DDR2 800Mhz Ram
Msi nvidia 7300 gt 256MB PCI

thanku my email is
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  1. Processor: 3.0ghz cpu Intel or AMD equivalent (single core) /

    Display Card!: Pixel Shader 3.0 cards with 256 meg of video ram /

    Memory: 2048MB
    Free Disk Space: 15GB
    Operating System: XP or Vista

    Going by the min specs I guess it's your GFX card which is really holding you back.

    A couple of gb's more RAM would speed it up too.
  2. upgrade your gpu to radeon 4670 512mb ddr3 or geforce 9600gt 512mb. and your ram to 3gb.
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