NF7-S Rev. 1.2 reset function doesn't work anymore

I have a NF7-S Rev. 1.2 for about a month now and I have a strange problem since saturday, I went into my bios to modify the frequency and the voltage and since then the reset function of the mobo doesn't work anymore? Let me explain: I do a save in the bios, everything I modified is
saved and when the Mobo resets I see the first bios screen but the detection of IDE drives does not start even if I leave the PC on for an hour! if I push the reset button the same thing happens he hangs just before the detection of IDE drives start. the only sollution is to power off the system and to power it up again.

Any ideas?
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  1. are the BIOS setting reset to default after the re-powering?

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  2. No the modifications are saved correctly
  3. should have asked this in the previous post. OK, so the BIOS mods are saved. Does it also successfully boot after the re-powering?

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  4. Some of the settings I played with on my 2.0 revision of your board do the same thing with various freezings during post, usually ide devices like yours, but also some ram detection freeze-up's. usually I just hold Insert key when I restart and it will load bios safe defaults without actually changing bios settings. Go in to softmenu III and change back to a setting you know was stable. I like this insert key trick, cuz like I said, none of your bios settings are changed, they just aren't loaded. All of your stuff will still be there on restart.

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  5. Yes it repowers after it saves the settings but it hangs when it should start detecting the IDE devices.
    Any ideas?
  6. It sounds like nForce2 BIOS corruption issue that I have been hearing about (see link below). However, I haven't heard about people being able to get into BIOS setup after the problem occurs, only that they can't boot their systems.

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    Click <A HREF=" corruption&FTVAR_MSGDBTABLE=" target="_new">here</A> for thread about the problem.

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