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My computer is hanging while attempting to detect my IDE drives. If I don't hook a hdd up, it will detect any other device I plug in. Once I hook any HDD up to it (except one old Quantum Bigfood 8 gig drive), it can't complete the boot. Even if it does eventually detect the drive, it hangs on the DMA pool line. And if it gets through and I can get into bios, if I try to get bios to auto detect it again it hangs for a while, then returns no device..

So, I figure it's a bad IDE controller, but as I haven't had to deal with one before, I wanted a second opinion. It is a Shuttle AK35GT2 mainboard, and shuttle doesn't speak to you unless you purchased directly from them. The drives I tries were a Western Digital 8 gig, and a brand new western digital 40 gig 7200 rpm drive. The quantum booted twice on the machine, but one of the times it got stuck on the DMA pool line. The processor is an XP 1700+, and it has 256megs of Kingston 2700 DDR c2.5 ram..

All the drives run fine on my MSI KT3V system, as does the video card (Radeon 9000 Pro), processor, and ram.. Yall's input would be highly appriciated. Thanks.

Say, what version of DOS is on this sparc thingie?
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  1. Try unplugging some of your other devices - could be your PSU is maxed out on the current it can provide.

    There might be a jumper setting on your hard drives that causes a delay before it powers up. This can be usefull as the moment you power on your system everything is requiring power to post and harddrives are very power hungry spinning up. Thus delaying the drive allows for the power surge to die down and ensures the drive can be fed all the power it needs.

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  2. Tried that. Plus the max I've had hooked up was one HDD, a 52x CD (lite On) and a floppy.. I'll attempt to swap out the power supply as well, I guess. All the cases I'm using are the same. 350W Foxxcon budget boxes.. heh.. $35 at newegg..

    Say, what version of DOS is on this sparc thingie?
  3. What are the jumper settings on the HD? I've had problems with WD if they are set to master, but there is no slave, they will hang at post for a long time.

    If it is the only drive on the channel, and it has the jumper settings where the "middle" is master (::[]::), remove the jumper (:::::) and reboot.

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