msdosdrv I/O error 103

I started getting this popup error message on bootup in winxp pro. System restore didnt work. can anyone guide me to resolving this? TIA.

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  1. Are you trying to perform a system restore? If not, try disabling your system restore function, see if that helps.

    Intel P4 2.4B
    MSI 645E Max-U Mobo
    1GB DDR333
    R9600XT 128MB
    SB Live 5.1
    Samsung 120GB
    Maxtor 120GB
    LG DVD+-R/RW
  2. No my problem is not being able to do a system restore. My main problem is that on startup , i get a popup error message in windows xp with a title box "msdosdrv" and error message "I/O error 103".

    I have tried doing system restore to "un-do" whatever happened, but as usual windows system restore sucks.
  3. I think i resolved the problem. Whatever happened, a msdosdrv.exe was placed inside my C:\Windows and some files associated with msdosdrv.exe were found in the C:\Windows\Prefetch folder as well. Deleted the files and reboot and now everything works fine. Thanks
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