my mobo is on fire help !!

hi, i need urgent help , my asus p4pe mobo is showing 62C for the processor while converting divx movies is that temp normal ? what can be the problem ?? help me please i just got it today :(. my specf are as follows

1-p4 2.4ghz (overclocked to 2.5ghz by the way be4 overclocking also the temp was 42-52c)
2-spectek 512 ddr 333
3-pinnacle 10plus
4-onboard sound-lan-firewire etc
5-Asus p4pe mobo
6-segate 40bg 5400rmp hhd
please help guys iam dying here!!
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  1. Providing your heatsinks attatched properly using a pad or paste, the fan is working and the core voltage is not set high, I'd look at improving the case airflow. If the ambient temperatures build up inside the case then your CPU fan will be feeding the heatsink warm air which is not good for cooling.

    To be sure your CPU temperature is what it says, touch the base of the heatsink - if it's too hot to touch for very long then it's too hot.

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