How much is this system worth?

Seriously, I am having trouble selling it. It works great is clean and looks like new.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 3.2GHz & 1.325V 24h Stress Prime Stable.
- with OCZ Heat Pipe Cooler.

Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ Dual Slot Video Graphics Card

4GB OCZ DDR2 800 MHz Ram (2x2GB sticks)

Asus P5K-E WIFI-AP Motherboard (with wifi, space for more ram 8 phase power etc.)

500 GB Western Digital SATA II Hard Drive

460W CoolerMaster Power Supply

DVD RW Drive.

Windows 7 Pro 64bit

All in a brand new Xigmatek Mid Tower Case with front USB and Audio.
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  1. $200, if that. You've got parts that are multiple generations old (Core 2 CPU, that GPU, DDR2 RAM, Windows XP) and low quality parts (OCZ RAM, Coolermaster PSU, Xigmatek case). I can't even give you a more accurate price, as pretty much everything listed is no longer sold at retail. You should be taking whatever is offered to you.
  2. Sorry MadAdmiral but you can't have it for $200 :)

    Let me put this another way, how much would it cost to build a system with similar performance out of new parts?

    I think we are looking at
    AMD Phenom II X4 840 =$110
    Gt430 =$60
    Asus Am3 Board = 100
    DVD Rw =20
    Case = 50 new
    PSU = 25
    4gb Ram = 40
    Cpu Cooler = 30
    Windows 7 = 100
    HDD = 40

    = 575 + 13% Tax in Ontario Canada
    = 649
    - 20% for used = $520
    - 20% for a couple years old = $415

    Factor in a Brand new case and that not everything goes down by the same amount and I might be overpriced by a couple bucks, but I dont get your $200.
  3. You can't build a similar performing build with new parts. Everything except the case, RAM and PSU are deactivated items. Substituting other parts isn't going to get you something similar. It'll get you something massively better. That's what I'm saying.

    I'm aslo using USD, which while technically converts to fewer CAD right now, the US prices on parts are a lot lower (usually about 10%).

    As for what you're proposing, that's a vastly superior build (and still crap). The X4 840 is better than the C2Q, the RAM is a heck of a lot faster, the GPU is miles ahead in terms of performance, and Windows 7 is vastly superior than XP. That's not even considering the "minor" differences like a $100 AMD board would include Crossfire support and USB3.0/SATA III and the HDD would be a lot faster. The comparision isn't even close. You're also including tax, which is just to inflate the price.

    You can't just add up the value of new parts that you could currently buy to get what you should be charging for a used build and knock off a little. What I generally do (and it's very fair) is to calculate the total value of the exact same new parts, multiply 20% for being opened and built, then take off 10% for each two or three months of use.

    In this case, the parts are so old that I can't find a starting point. Given that the cheapest build you could put together with new parts (and maintain quality) is about $450-500, I'd use $400 as the starting point, which is generous. Taking off the 20% (which is for not having any warranties and the risk of buying used), leaves a base of $320 before aging factors. I'm being generous in saying that the build is only one year old (a 40% reduction), leading to a value of $200. Judginig by your response, it really should be more like $150 after aging. I wouldn't give you anywhere near that for it.

    It's just the raw truth that computer parts age extremely fast. As soon as you open the box, a large amount of your "investment" is gone.
  4. /Shoudn't have baited the troll. :lol:

    "GPU is miles ahead in terms of performance, and Windows 7 is vastly superior than XP"

    GTS 250 = 9800GTX+ and the GT 430 is a bit slower than that. Judging by the specifications the GT 430 should be slower than a 9800GT/8800GT.

    Both systems would have Windows 7, but I know I know tl;dr right?
  5. Whoops. For some reason I read the Windows as XP. My bad.

    As for the GPU, specs don't tell the whole story. The archetecture is a lot different, which allows for better performance on "equal" specs, considering all factors. While they might be equivalent in terms of raw power, the GT 430 has a boat load of other benefits that the 9800 can't claim. The 430 consumes a lot less power, produces a lot less heat and runs quieter. Factor in the added benefits of 3D support and DX 11, and the GT 430 is miles ahead. "Performance" doesn't just mean straight up FPS, it also needs to consider other factors, such as prices (irrelevant here), power consumption, heat production, noise produced, and useful features. I will say I've always been guilty of lumping all those factors in without explaining that.

    Besides, the GT 430 is not even the right card for a low budget build, as the HD 5770 would be the ideal choice in a low budget gaming build, but that's also besides the point.

    I will also say that trying to sell a complete custom build isn't the best way to get the most for your money. There just isn't that big of a market. The kind of people who would buy a custom build would either want something cutting edge or older, but super cheap. You're build isn't cutting edge, and you're not making it cheap. That makes your competition the lower end Dell, HP, CyberPower, and other prebuilt vendors. Who would you rather buy from, some random guy on the internet who has used the system for a few years, or a "reputable" company that makes 1,000s of builds a year? It's a no brainer.

    You'd do a lot better by selling individual parts. For example, you'd probably get $50-60 for the RAM by itself (DDR2 is in higher demand), maybe $100 for the CPU, likely another $40-50 for the GPU (possibly more from someone looking to SLI it), and probably another $75-100 for everything else together (maybe more if you included the case). That'd net you $265-325.

    If the OS isnt an OEM version (i.e. you can install it on a different motherboard/computer), add another $50 to that total as you could part it out by itself. Then you'd be getting more like the $400 you want (or the $370ish excluding the tax).
  6. You can part out or reuse OEM windows or sell it with the mobo, just have to call M$'s phone number to validate the install.

    "the GT 430 has a boat load of other benefits that the 9800 can't claim"
    That is why it is in the build at $~40 rather than $68 of the 430 and it is faster.

    Regardless, I think I have a buyer - who wants XP incidental.

    Sorry to be rude about the Troll bit, but you should have just said, it is worth ~370 in parts and a tough sell as a complete system.
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