Series of issues......Crysis.... PLEASE help me.

So i know the are my specs. All are FACTORY CLOCKED.

-XFX GTX 280
- Intel Core i7 920 2.66ghz
-6gb of ddr3 corsair ram at 1066
-Ultra X3 800watt psu
-ASUS p6t Deluxe motherboard
-Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit

Ok so my issues started here.

I was playing Crysis wars and noticed that on the 32 bit version of the game, that long range textures were quite blurry. And the 64 bit version was not.

32 bit-

64 bit-

My first question is here, why is that?!^^

So i started using 64 bit, very annoyed that it doesnt support punkbuster....but i moved on.

While playing i noticed a glitch, while parachuting i saw strange grey images. Like in the picture here.

They appear in various shapes, and are also visable in your shadow. Watching another person parachute, i can see grey images coming off of them aswell. This only happens in the DX10 version.

So my second question, why is this happening?! how can i fix it.

Now i want to play 64 bit edition in DX9.....which doesnt appear as an option anywhere. How can i run it in DX9?

PLEASE help me fix any of these issues. And remember im really counting on you guys.
Ive asked around , and this forum is supposed to be the best of the best. I really hope u can help. :bounce:
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  1. Buy an ATI card.
  2. create a shortcut and add -dx9 after the exe.
    Note some visual features wont be there but not a major difference.
    As for the glitches check your video temps.
    I found with my 8800GTX that a slot fan under the video card really helps with the cooling. I think it cost 10 - 12 bucks at newegg. Just be sure to get the one where the fan opening faces the vid card. There are 2 different ones.
  3. My video card temps are fairly normal for my card, a bit hot but it should be running fine at these temps.

    It runs at 80 degrees celcius(usually 70-75 in other games, 60 if an older game). Which is normal if u look at gtx 280 temps.
    But temp isnt a problem , because these glitches exist be4 it heats up.

    Nvidia and XFX say 80 degrees is fine for this card but most people like to keep it cool.
  4. Oh and my Crysis Wars is in my game folder, i have created a right click option for 64 bit. How would enable the DX9 from in here.?
  5. Do you have all the game patches and are you over clocking the video card ?
  6. yes and no. Please read carefully. I dont mean to be a prick your helping me lol, but.......

    "So i know the are my specs. All are FACTORY CLOCKED."- my main post.

    any ideas?
  7. I don't want to be a prick but.............. factory clocked...big friggin deal...factory clocked can mean over clock vs standard clock..a bad " factory" over clock can screw the card. So can bad memory chips. What are the specs ? and did you try and under clock it any ?
  8. ok umm no i have not under clocked it..... and the card specs are.....

    EVGA precision is what im using to read this, double checked on GPU Z...

    Core Clock- 670
    Shader Clock- 1458
    Memory Clock-1250 .

    Sorry if u thought i wasnt being a prick dude,i honestly didnt mean to offend you. I see how factory clocked means nothing. Next time i will include NO OVERCLOCK, instead. :)
  9. It seems way oc'ed to me. You said EVGA precision.................. move the sliders back or do what you need to to lower the settings on all three..........core/shader/memory................try the memory first. Set it to 1150...( it will be 2300 )... see if that helps. Memory is being pushed to it's limits here. ( 1250 = 2500 )

    is vsync off in the control panel and in the games settings as well ?
  10. yes i never use vsync. Underclocking can not cause ANY harm correct?
  11. update: Ok i just tested in with 1150 mem clock. No change to either glitch.
  12. lower it some more and lower the other settings as well. I think the core clock is 575 stock.
  13. can you list specific amounts for each example

    Core clock-xxx
    memory clock-xxx
    shader clock-xxx

    I dont know much about clock speeds so give me those 3, i will adjust it. Then post back with results.
  14. I just tried it using

    Core Clock-575
    Mem Clock-1150
    Shader Clock-1251

    Both problems persisted.
  15. I had other ideas last night but this site wouldn't let me post..????

    It's an XFX so it should be under warranty. I'd get in touch with them about it.

    Do you have another card to test ?

    How long has this been going on ? Recently or since it was new ?
  16. since it was new ive been seeing the grey. and obviously u pick up on more things as time goes on. Im pretty sure its been like this since i got it.

    Im way ahead of you, i made an XFX support ticket last night.

    I do have another card to test. An old Radeon 9800 pro.

    should i swap them and see.?
  17. Swap away........................ make sure you remove the old drivers first. ( nvidia )
  18. ok i will return with my results.
  19. yeah um lol. i was so excited to see if it would work that i forgot that it doesnt go in the same slot as my gtx 280 XD. Im and idiot.
  20. I don't think in terms of AGP any more............................ woops. Try to borrow a card if you can.
  21. i dont know anyone with a new enough pc. :(
  22. Ive done a couple checks on other hardware. Its not ram, or cpu. Im thinking its a faulty card. Ive contacted XFX in regards to an rma. I will re-post here with results.
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