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Hi, I am getting the message AMD - A Display driver has stopped working and has been successfully recovered. I have used ccleaner and then installed 10.7 but i still get the same problem. It doesnt seem to be a temp problem because this happens when its at 70 degrees and when its at 50 or anywhere in between.

It only happens when running a 3d program 5-30 minutes in. Crysis and 3dmark both crash. Spore does not. It seems like a temp problem, but my fan speed is at 30 - 40% usually and as i said it happens at at different temps. I read that with the 5xxx cards, people increased voltages to fix it, but im not too experienced in overclocking and want to make sure first. Thanks!
Update, looked on other sites, tried 10.6, 10.5, 10.4 All have the same problem
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  1. You may have to use CCC's ATI Overdrive to underclock the card for those games; then you can save the new profile for use with those games.
  2. Ive actually tried that, but i guess ill lower it a little more and see if that works.
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