Spec of my first self-build...

Having read through a load of your very helpful posts here, I have specced out what I think I want / need for my first pc. I have built pc's before, and got a mate who knows a bit, so I'm pretty confident! Should be fun, now that I have convinced the better half that it is justifiable expenditure!!
I just wanted to run it by you guys to see what you thought. I know its not top notch, but I have set myself the target of a budget PC, £699 (£821 inc VAT) and reckon on getting it for £700, but much better specced!!

Here goes!!

Abit BH7 - £75
Intel P4 2.4 533fsb - £135
2 x Crucial PC2700 333DDR 256mb - £60
Maxtor or WD 120Gb 8mb 7200 HDD - £110
Inno3D GeForce 4 MX440 SE graphics card - £50
Samsung SM384 Combo CDR/DVD drive - £60
Case, PSU & fans - £60
NEC Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 750SB - £160

Total = £710 - I know I'll need a few extras :-)) I though this was pretty reasonable to get me going. I will be mainly doing web development stuff & some video / photo editing.

The video card is still boxed from a friend, bought & never used!

Any comments if I am going wrong anywhere welcomed! But I am looking forward to spending my savings!!
Thanks in advance guys!!
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  1. Unless you're an Intel fan, I'd replace the board and processor for an Nforce2 board with MCP-T and a XP2400+ CPU. Recent versions of these boards support 200MHZ FSB which you'll be able to achieve using the CPU as they are unlocked, not to mention the dual memory capability of the board. Plus you'd save around £30

    If modern 3D games are your thing then you'll find the MX440 VGA card limiting - The GF4 Ti 4200 is a much better card and can be had for around £100.

    <b>Vorsprung durch Dontwerk</b>.....<i>as they say at VIA</i>
  2. if that's the hardware you set your mind on go ahead and buy it altough I am more of an AMD fan.
    The only thing I would add is a branded PSU of at least
    300W, once I had bought a generic case and when the PSU went it took the HDD MOBO and CPU along, snif...

    Have fun tough with your new system ;-)
  3. The case comes with the following:
    Quality CWT 350Watts PSU AMD / P4 Approved PSU PFC

    the feature list is:
    4 x 5.25" External Bays, 2 x 3.5" External Bays
    5 x 3.5" Internal Bays, Plus 2 x Case Mounted USB Ports - on the front and option to put on top also.
    Quality CWT 350Watts PSU AMD / P4 Approved PSU PFC
    3 Internal 80mm Case fans supplied & fitted.
    Also supplied a Hard Drive Cooler

    they are bundling it with a Coolermaster Pro Sound Proofing Kit for free too!

    I think that should do for now, no??

    Cheers, SiScu!
  4. Wouldn't really say I was an intel fan, just seems that without overclocking - which I am far too green to get into yet!! - I'll get a faster system, bearing in mind I want to spend more time doing some video editing. I looked at Tom's mega cpu test and correct me if I'm wrong, but I felt the intel came out ahead.

    I only dabble in the gaming, I'm so crap that I doubt I'd benefit from a better card!! :-) I thought I'd appreciate a better monitor more, bearing in mind I am trying to keep my budget tight, my fiance won't let me eat into the wedding savings!!

    Cheers guys!
  5. really? You must do heavy duty OC'ing...

    I have never felt the need to buy some fancy case or branded PSU. mind you I will buy a psu with a slighty higher output.

    Everything I have ever built with just generic cases and psu's have never failed or had problems. But I guess thats different if your an overclocker....
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