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Computer Parts Value

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April 14, 2011 10:56:49 PM

So it's time to clean out all these parts I've got that aren't being used to their potential anymore (Used to folder and/or spare PC) and wondering how much I should be selling them for

i7 920 (Forgot if it's C0 or D0)
Corsair 3 x 2GB triple channel RAM 1600

i7 860
Biostar T5 XE CFX-SLI MB
Corsair 2 x 2GB dual channel RAM 1600

Corsair 650tx
Seasonic X650


Antec 1200
HAF 932
Corsair 800d

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April 15, 2011 2:44:59 PM

I would find your original receipts, and start by knocking 25% off what you paid; then if you get no responses, try 33%. It's hard to predict what someone is willing to pay versus how soon you want the money. Ebay with a minimum starting bid is your best bet.
May 3, 2011 8:49:24 PM

Pm me how much you want for the 470 and evga mobo. Research what they are selling for on ebay once again condition of it matters alot.
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May 4, 2011 12:49:46 AM

I am interested in the EVGA mobo as well. What's your price?
May 4, 2011 2:26:22 AM

Also pm me price on 285 the 470 and 285 make great physx cards;)
May 4, 2011 3:01:35 AM

Uhhh...a GT 240 makes a great PhysX card. I haven't seen my 8800GT get over 55% usage in PhysX. A 285 is CRAZY overkill for PhysX, but I think you know that.
May 4, 2011 9:29:52 AM

I am interested in the x650. how much are you willing to part with it?
May 4, 2011 4:38:18 PM

I'd be interested in both the GTX's, the power supplies, and the Antec 1200 and HAF 932. Feel free to PM me
May 4, 2011 7:13:43 PM

I dont think he wants to pm any of us. I think he wants us to tell them what they are worth lol.

Used gtx 470's on ebay go from 150$ to 200$ USD
gtx 285-100$
i7-920 50-150$ on ebay.
the EVGA X58 there are a few used on ebay with bids going for 127$-150$

Dont forget there are shipping fees we dont have any pictures or details on how they have been used and how old they are. Im going to pay more for a 2 month old never overclocked gtx 470 then a 6 month old beat to piss one.
May 16, 2011 2:57:20 AM

I'm interested in the i7 920 CPU and the Haf 932 or the corsair 800D.