CAS 2.5(single channel) V CAS 2(dual)

Hi all!

Current system:
AXP 1700+ @~2190Mhz (12.5x175)
Epox 8RDA+
512Mb DDR RAM @175Mhz & CAS 2.5 (single channel)
256Mb Corsair XMSPC2700 CL2
256Mb Cheap-ass Crucial PC2100 CAS2

I recently got the mobo and cpu, and have Oc'ed it as above. I've come to the (somewhat obvious) conclusion that the RAM is preventing me from squeezing all I could from the AXP, so I'll probably buy one of those twin packs from corsair or something.....
But I was wondering just how much improvement I would get (%-wise) from simply sticking in ram that could cope with CAS2, and dual-channel, over my current single channel CAS2.5 setup.

Any Ideas?

:smile: :tongue: :smile:
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  1. You'll get around 3% from faster RAM replacing the slower RAM to get your Cas Latency down. Some apps will give you a bit more, others won't be affected much.

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