Problem installing games

Anyone know a fix for this?
Anytime a game has more than one disc it installs disc one fine. Then promts to insert disc two and freezes on me everytime.
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  1. !!!!!This might not even work!!!!!!, but you can download power iso, restart your computer, then after you restart your computer put the first disk in. Under my computer, go to your disk drive, then right click and select open. Then you highlight all of the files in the first disk, then right click "add image file". Then power iso will come up, then select iso to make an image file(It is set to daa as the default). Then I forgot if it says make or create, something like that, just click on that and wait about 30 minutes ( Only if the disk has about 7-8 gigs on it will it take that long). Then close and open poweriso then go to mount (it is on the top middle of the screen) and select mount image to drive , then select the iso file and it will only take a few seconds to mount then go to my computer, where you will find the disk mounted to one of your drives, then just click on it,and it should install, then when you are done installing the first disk, then open poweriso again select unmount image under mount on the top middle of the screen.Then mount the next disk the same way, and go to my computer again, then go to the drive that the disk is mounted to, and click retry, or whatever it says that you have to continue installation.

    !!!!!!!!!!You are using a virtual drive instaed of your dvd drive which is why this might work!!!!!!!!!
  2. +1 to the above idea, seems like you have a dodgy optical drive.
    Personally i use Daemon Tools Lite as a virtual drive and have never experienced problems with it.

    As an alternative, if it is an old Optical drive try searching the manufacturers website for a firmware update.
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